Have you experienced one of the following?

  • Hired a candidate for cultural fit?

  • Judged a job candidate by the school they attended or when they attended it?

  • Encountered apathy about diversity and inclusion from your peers?

  • Felt threatened when your beliefs came under attack?

Being equal is not the goal; valuing difference is.

Teams are more engaged.
Clients become advocates.
Revenue and profits increase.

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Achieve sustainable inclusive diversity in your workplace by learning:

  • the benefits of building and maintaining a diverse workforce and inclusive environment; distinguishing diversity from inclusivity.

  • the nature of bias, noting three positive biases and how they are likely to lead to undesirable levels of workforce homogeneity.

  • the role of talent management in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, identifying key action steps to address issues of diversity and inclusion.

  • the characteristics of inclusive leaders, along with ways to identify whether your organization has inclusive leadership.

  • the dimensions of diversity and inclusion, along with guidelines for creating a sense of psychological safety while addressing matters of social concern.

  • the differences between qualitative and quantitative metrics for measuring levels of diversity and inclusivity.

Learn from the Expert:

In this in-depth course based on Barbara B. Adams’ Axiom-award-winning book, Women, Minorities, & Other Extraordinary People: The New Path for Workforce Diversity, you'll learn key concepts and strategies for motivating and sustaining organizational change. You'll discover how to analyze assumptions and biases that adversely affect hiring and retention, and will gain an understanding of data and metrics useful in creating a diverse and inclusive environment. It's for anyone who wants to see positive change in their organization and knows they could do more and be more.

Learn through a multimedia experience, with video, book pages, interactive reinforcement and assessment, and a Certificate of Completion.

Basic Level; Prerequisites or Advance Preparation Needed: None.

Need Credits?

This course meets requirements for several professional organizations. See the list at the right to find yours!

  • PMI: Leadership | 8 PDUs

  • NASBA: QAS Self Study | 7.5 CPEs in Behavioral Ethics

  • HRCI: Functional Area: Business | 8 credits

  • SHRM: BoCK: Interpersonal Cluster—Global & Cultural Effectiveness | 8 PDCs

  • ATD | 4 credits


Barbara Adams

Founder and Chief Learning Officer

Barbara Adams is Founder and Chief Learning Officer at GAR (Gender, Age, and Race) Diversity Consulting, based in the Seattle area. She holds a Doctorate of Psychology in Organizational Development. Dr. Adams is a former director in the National Diversity and Inclusion office at Kaiser Permanente (KP). She also spent a decade in global management and technology consulting with American Management Systems (now CGI). She can be reached at drbarbadams.com.

Still Have Questions?

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    Most students complete this course in 7-8 hours. If you need a break, just finish your current lesson and close up! Your course progress will be saved for you.

  • How difficult is it?

    This course is specifically designed for a wide audience, from beginners on up! To help you digest the material, each review question comes with feedback to help you learn.

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    Yes! After passing the final multiple-choice assessment, you will be awarded a certificate by email and in your dashboard. Be sure to share it with your coworkers and on social media!

Based on the expert strategies in
Women, Minorities, and Other Extraordinary People

Women, Minorities, & Other Extraordinary People skillfully reframes the journey ahead through an organizational lens, highlighting the importance of cultural norms, challenging misconceptions, and providing research and practical tools. The business case for diversity is more critical than ever, but it’s not our only tool; as Dr. Adams establishes, ‘if logic makes people think, emotions make people act.’ This is a book for every practitioner’s and leader’s bookshelf.”

Jennifer Brown, author of Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace, and the Will to Change

“Barbara Adams leaves no doubt about the destructiveness of discrimination and proposes creative, workable approaches to the difficult task of building and retaining a diverse, inclusive workforce. She compels readers to recognize and understand the urgency of dealing with hidden biases and corrects deep-rooted misconceptions that create impediments to a desirable work environment. This book offers a practical road map for reframing the thinking required to embrace the diversity and inclusion that make companies and organizations more successful. It is a must-read!”

Ambassador Ruth A. Davis (Ret.), named to The Economist’s 2015 Global Diversity List as one of the Top 50 Diversity Figures in Public Life

“A stellar resource for understanding workforce diversity in the 21st century and a practical guide on how to maximize the full creativity and innovation of people from all different backgrounds.”

Joseph P. Gaspero, CEO and Co-Founder at Center for Healthcare Innovation

“Dr. Adams compassionately ‘cracks the code’ for how to achieve inclusion through diversity as both business and moral imperative. Her book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make a positive difference and move the needle in the right direction toward rebuilding organizations that are equitable and inclusive. Through her masterful storytelling and impeccable research, Dr. Adams helps you to understand why it's important that everyone in your organization must be made to feel like they belong and belong uniquely.”

Demetriouse Russell, founder at Venn Diagram Partners and former director at Harvard Business School Executive Education

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to Use This Course

    • Instructor Introduction

    • Important Key Terms for Diversity and Inclusion

  • 2

    Lesson 1: Bias and Opportunity: Recognizing and Addressing Issues of Diversity and Inclusion

    • Lesson 1 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading: Chapter 1

    • Optional Lesson Reading: Chapter 1 (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Reflection and Mindfulness: Thinking Critically about Organizational Culture

    • Lesson 2 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 2 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading: Chapter 2

    • Optional Lesson Reading: Chapter 2 (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Knowledge Check

  • 4

    Lesson 3: Talent and Retention: Recruiting, Hiring, and Engaging a Diverse Workforce

    • Lesson 3 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 3 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading: Chapter 3

    • Optional Lesson Reading: Chapter 3 (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Knowledge Check

  • 5

    Lesson 4: Cultural Transformation: Embracing Difference

    • Lesson 4 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 4 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading: Chapter 4

    • Optional Lesson Reading: Chapter 4 (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Knowledge Check

  • 6

    Lesson 5: Evidence and Accountability: Creating Effective Metrics for Evaluation

    • Lesson 5 Instructor Video

    • Objectives for Lesson 5

    • Lesson Reading: Chapter 5

    • Optional Lesson Reading: Chapter 5

    • Knowledge Check

    • Additional Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

  • 7


    • Instructor Video: Conclusion

  • 8

    Final Assessment

    • Next Steps

    • Assessment

    • Course Survey: Please take this short survey before downloading your certificate!