Too much to do?
Not enough time
to do it?

  • Are you working long hours but still missing deadlines?

  • Do you constantly feel stress and anxiety about the demands on your time?

  • Is the pressure to get things done keeping you from enjoying your work and your life?

Imagine having more time,
and feeling less stress

What hobbies would you start?
Where would you travel?
What new skills would you learn?
How would your life improve?

Lower your stress and anxiety by learning:

  • The common types of workplace interruptions and their impact on productivity, efficiency, and stress.

  • "Interruption Culture." Why we have it, and why it should be controlled.

  • The significance of Quiet Time, and how to create and maintain it.

  • The concepts of Time Locking and Focal Locking, and why they're important to time management.

  • How to use task prioritization, including identification of significances and batch processing of tasks.

Learn from the Expert:

Increase your productivity without sacrificing quality

This in-depth study of time management, based on the bestselling book The Time Bandit Solution, draws on theories of management, sociology, and psychology to offer executives, managers, and employees simple solutions with which to address issues of wasted time.

The course includes short videos, readings from the book, interactive review questions, a final assessment, and a Certificate of Completion.

Basic Level; no prerequisites needed. 8 Credits

Need Credits?

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  • PMI: Leadership | 7 PDUs

  • NASBA: QAS Self Study | 8.5 CPEs in Personal Development

  • ATD | 4 credits


Rubén S. Rubinstein


Rubén S. Rubinstein, CPA, brings more than 40 years of financial, accounting, and executive operations/ management expertise to the Cohen Brown Management Group. In addition to his duties as the Chief Operating Officer, Rubinstein also serves as Chief Financial Officer for the company, and as personal business advisor to the company’s owners and partners of the firm. A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Rubén’s background in finance and organization served him well as the ghost writer and chief editor for Edward G. Brown’s The Time Bandit Solution.

Still Have Questions?

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    Most students complete this course in 7-9 hours. If you need a break, just finish your current lesson and close up! Your course progress will be saved for you.

  • How difficult is it?

    This course is specifically designed for a wide audience, from beginners on up! To help you digest the material, each review question comes with feedback to help you learn.

  • Will I receive a certificate of completion?

    Yes! After passing the final multiple-choice assessment, you will be awarded a certificate by email and in your dashboard. Be sure to share it with your coworkers and on social media!

Master Your Time—Master Your Life!

Get started now. Just $79.00

Based on the time management strategies in
The Time Bandit Solution

“The most precious commodity we have is time. Whoever said you can’t get more of it hasn’t met Edward Brown. In The Time Bandit Solution, he tells us how to recover and redeem stolen time. What will you do with it?”

Tavis Smiley, Broadcaster, Author, and Philanthropist

“A different type of time management guide. It’s not about the useful tips and tricks for multitasking or time consolidation, but rather focuses on practical strategies to deal with ‘time bandits.’ ... Highly recommended as a resource for obtaining more time in one’s personal as well as professional life!”

Midwest Book Review

“This should be the productivity bible of the entertainment industry. It incorporates outstanding ideas and real truths. It’s a great read and needs to be read by everybody now. 5 out of 5 stars.”

Chris Bearde, Creator of the Gong Show

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • How to Use This Course

    • Instructor Video: Introduction

    • Key Terms

  • 2

    Lesson 1: Lost Time: Interruptions, Causes, and Impact

    • Lesson 1 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading

    • Optional Lesson Reading (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Lesson 1 Knowledge Check

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Recapturing Time: Solutions and Proposals

    • Lesson 2 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 2 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading: Summary of Time Loss Interruption Solutions, “Quiet Time”

    • Lesson Reading

    • Optional Lesson Reading: (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Lesson 2 Knowledge Check

  • 4

    Lesson 3: Recapturing Time: Overcoming Objections and Staying Focused

    • Lesson 3 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 3 Learning Objectives

    • First Lesson Reading

    • Optional Lesson Reading: (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Lesson Reading: Summary of Time Loss Interruption Solutions, “Focal Locking”

    • Second Lesson Reading

    • Second Lesson Reading: (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Lesson 3 Knowledge Check

  • 5

    Lesson 4: Gained Time: Prioritizing Tasks, Creating Charters, and Implementation

    • Lesson 4 Instructor Video

    • Lesson 4 Learning Objectives

    • Lesson Reading

    • Optional Lesson Reading: (Online Flipbook Version)

    • Lesson 4 Knowledge Check

  • 6


    • Instructor Video: Conclusion

  • 7

    Final Assessment

    • Next Steps

    • Assessment

    • Course Survey: Please take this short survey before downloading your certificate!